David Harel LMT, BCST

Massage Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Biodynamic Craniosacral

Gainesville, Florida

About David Harel

Touch is important for health and well-being.

I have been practicing touch therapy professionally since 2010. My training prior to that time was also body-centered, as a Yoga teacher for several years.

Therapeutic touch combines intuition and technique. It is a profound tool not just for relaxation but also for rejuvination and rehabilitation. I would go further and say that it is a way to expand one's consciousness of both the world and oneself.

I use several modalities (listed on the next page) along with other techniques that I've learned along the way to create a safe and therapeutic space for my clients to unwind.

My ideal client comes with an intention to learn, to be inquisitive, and to be able to receive.


Massage Therapy

Recieve a massage based on your specific needs for pressure and flexibility. Manipulating muscles and soft tissue through different approaches: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Joint-mobilization, Relaxation etc...

Lymphatic Drainage

A powerful light touch modality that helps to create beneficial movement in the lymphatic system. This modality can be used for joint pain, to increase range of motion, scar tissue release, deep relaxation, post-surgery rehab, etc...

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A profound light touch therapy that works from the inside-out. This modality is best experienced hands-on: it helps the body to feel safe to actually make the changes it wants to make.


Himalayan Institute Yoga Teacher Training 2005 Allahabad, India

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Training 2008-2010 Austin, Texas

Austin Community College Massage Therapy 2009-2010 Austin, Texas

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT Curriculum) 2015-2016 TX & GA

Important Notes

INTAKE Please expect a detailed intake process in order for me to learn more about you and your needs. All of your information will remain confidential. If you would like to fill out your intake forms in advance, you can access them here: David Harel LMT -- Intake Forms

CLOTHING What to wear to a therapeutic session depends on what type of modality you've chosen to recieve. If you've chosen to Massage or Lymphatic Drainage please arrive knowing that you will be asked to disrobe fully and be under a sheet in order to better facilitate improved effective therapeutic touch. If you have any concerns about this please let me know in advance so I can accomodate your needs. If you're receiving Craniosacral Therapy, please arrive wearing clothes that you feel comfortable laying horizontally in for an extended period of time (60min-120min).

CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellation must occur 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. This is to ensure I can fill the slot with another client. If cancellation occurs past the 24 hour limit, payment of the session must be paid in full. Sometime unforseen circumstances are subject to arise, I may be able to make an exception.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE While I do make every effort to begin and complete each session right at your scheduled time, due to the vicissitudes of therapeutic work please allow for the eventuality of a few minutes’ leeway at both the start and completion of your session. After a session, you may experience a short period of adjustment to the physiological changes that the body goes through during treatment. Please be mindful of your needs as you prepare to depart. You may prefer to wait a few minutes in your vehicle before driving, or to drink some water. It is also recommended that you refrain from busy or stressful activities for at least a few hours after a subtle bodywork session.